Year 6

Our Classes

Welcome to Our Classroom
There is never a dull moment in Year 6 as every spare second can be spent at the interactive games and activities. We like to beat each other on the timed matching activities.

We are always encouraged to ask questions and have created a set of class rules to make sure everyone is listened to. We appreciate and respect each other’s views.

Our classrooms are bright and colourful with lots of interactive displays to help us with our learning. We especially like our working walls for literacy and numeracy as they really help us focus on the topics we are currently working on.

6W – Wombats
Our class Teachers are: Miss Mapplebeck & Mr Young.

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6V – Vultures
Our class Teacher is: Mrs Ahmed.

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6Z – Zebras
Our class Teacher is: Miss Hepworth.

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Year 6 support staff are:

Mrs Ali, Mrs Firth, Mrs Race, Miss Hawthorn & Miss Haider.

Our Learning