School Ethos

Crossley Hall Primary School

All children that come to Crossley Hall are confident and open minded individuals; they each have a chance to express themselves in a different way. Teachers offer a wide range of problems for our pupils to challenge themselves when they are learning. Opportunities are given to broaden their thinking so that they can deal with the complexity of world. Children in our school need consistent and fair boundaries. The children in our school deserve teaching that is either good or even outstanding. Sometimes things can be chaotic or confusing. However, our pupils find a way to manage with the problems.

Teachers at Crossley Hall Primary School believe that children should develop as energetic and courageous individuals- which is why they help them through their education. All our teachers are full of spirit and they try to make our learning fun and more imaginative. Understanding is one of the best things about our teachers and due to that the help us to find a way through personal and school issues. We aspire to make our learning environment attractive, simulating and inspire our children to be great role models to the younger ones.

Our parents think their children should grow up and be successful, confident, respectful individuals and want them to embrace others’ differences. They also believe that they know when to ask for help and to prepare themselves for their future. Children in our school should know how to live in a multicultural society so that they can accept other people from different backgrounds to them. However the best thing is that our school accepts children of any type and condition such as: disabilities and much more…That’s why our school is making a class for these people and our school lets any one come in even if they are dark skin toned or light skin or even if they have different beliefs our school accepts them all.

The governors in our school are helping to build social skills in order for them to live in this world .They are also encouraged to look after the environment around us as well as protecting it. They are respectable citizens   and trustworthy people and always make sure that the teachers in our school are doing a good job.

Pupils in our school like to do many outdoor learning instead of being stuffed in a class room. We widen their imagination by showing them things they have never seen before in order for them to look at the world with a different perspective. We enable them to discover and find out about unknown things which is why all children who come to Crossley Hall are 100% satisfied .

As professionals, we believe that learning and teaching should be exciting and fun. Experiences are given to children to fill their mind with awe wonder and discovery whilst ensuring that each child lets out their full potential. Crossley Hall is the one and only school that accepts others differences as well as their backgrounds which is why children love to come and enjoy learning every day.


Written by Haider Hussain (Chair of Junior Leadership Team)

And Hunniya Akram (Vice Chair of Junior Leadership Team)