The allotment has sprung into life as of late Spring. The whole school has come together from Reception to Year 6. Down at the allotment we have been looking at the plants, animals and creatures which can be found in and around Crossley Hall Primary School.

Our Allotment Blog

We have been hunting for bugs and have taken soil samples from around the local environment to find out where the mini-beasts were hiding! We met lots of new and interesting creatures along the way (it was fun being bug detectives.) It is hard work looking after animals as the children found out when they worked hard cleaning, feeding and monitoring the animals. This has left us with lots of happy animals and a thriving environment.

We will be travelling back in time to the 1940’s. With a real life land girl coming in to share her experiences of life during the war. Crossley Hall will be digging for victory with their very own dig for victory campaign. We will look at rationing and how this changed the life of children in the 1940’s. It will be rations all around when it comes to the V.E day celebrations, with the children cooking up real recipes from the second world war.

New chicks have arrived. When they have been named they will have a coloured band name tag
on their leg to enable the children to recognise them. They ‘re only 2 weeks old and will hopefully grow as big as the other chickens in the hen house and lay eggs.We also have some rabbits and Guinea pigs down at the allotment.

We have 12 chickens in our hen hut. They have settled in well and already started to lay eggs. Each one has a coloured band around their leg and the colour matches their name.