School Workforce

The School Workforce is a team of pupils selected after applying for posts advertised on the school jobs list.
The jobs include:

  • Environmental Assistants
  • Milk Monitors
  • Fruit Distributors
  • Administrators
  • Allotment Assistants
  • Library Assistants
  • New To English Helpers
  • House point Assistants
  • ZoneParc

Jobs are advertised in all the Year 5 and 6 classes every September. Children wishing to apply should check the list of jobs carefully and decide which job they are best suited to. They then need to fill out a job application form. We receive well over a hundred applicants each year, so children should really try to sell themselves and stand out from the rest.  The applications are collected and all candidates interviewed. After all the interviews have been completed children are assessed and the vacancies filled with the best candidates.

The list of successful candidates is announced in assembly and the children chosen meet with the staff member who explains their duties and given training. Children are paid 25 house points per half term which can be doubled if they do their job really well. Children have to give notice if they wish to leave their job and can be fired if they seriously misbehave. The jobs are given on trust and the children need to collaborate with each other to fully meet the targets of their job.

This gives the pupils an idea of what it would be like in a real life situation when applying for a job and also helps to build their confidence and gives them a sense of responsibility. View our School Workforce below.