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Common feedback from schools is that they struggle to find the time to update their school websites - we came up with a solution. For a yearly fee, we will add any content to your website, quickly and efficiently, maintaing the same consistent look that you might not achieve if all staff members were updating individual pages. What are the benefits...

Saves Time

Common to many schools, the biggest website issue we’ve found is finding the time to get all of the content onto the website before the next Ofsted inspection. No one expects to see the Christmas nativity pictures in June do they? Email the content to us, and we'll take care of getting it on the website. If you have some keen staff members who want to add content themselves still, they can still have access.


We'll ensure all of your website pages look good and take away the chance of pages being laid out differently or formatted differently due to different people having their own way of doing things. All of our team will format content in the same way ensuring your website always looks tidy and professional - the same font, colour, font size, spacing, image position, you name it we've got it covered. Leave the little details to us.

Simple Process

All you have to do is email over the website content and tell us where you want it to go. You don't have to worry about saving it in a particular format, send it in whichever format is easiest for you and we'll take care of saving it ready to go on the website. We have a dedicated email address, just for this service and a team of staff monitoring the inbox throughout the day to add the content to the website as soon as possible for you.

What's Included

  • adding new pages/posts
  • adding pages to existing menu or submenu
  • adding content to existing pages
  • adding images/galleries
  • adding documents (text link or embedded pdf in page)
  • adding calendar events
  • embedding video - Youtube/Vimeo
  • adding images to slider
  • adding announcements on home page
  • deleting content - all of the above

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