Good attendance at school is important for your child’s education and establishes a positive working ethos early in life.

No Family Holidays or Extended Leave During Term Time.

Please find below, the Attendance Policy which has the new guidelines outlined for taking holidays during term time. As from 1st September 2013 the law has been changed by the Education Pupils Registration Regulation.

Crossley Hall Primary School will no longer be authorising holidays during school term time, can we ask that you carefully read the notes in the attendance policy which says; EXTENDED HOLIDAYS DURING SCHOOL TERM TIME. See the Holiday Schedule for dates and only book your holidays in this time, failure to do so will lead to a fixed penalty notice and may result in your child losing their place in school.

What does good attendance bring?

A brilliant education!

Each week the class with the highest attendance holds the attendance trophy

The top 200 attenders every year get to ride on the attendance limo

Each half term 100 attendance gets you a place at the Attendance treat

100% attenders at he end of the year get to go to the Exceed Attendance Event at Bradford University
Every second or every minute of every hour of every day counts!

View the Attendance Policy

Attendance 5.9.17 – 8.9.17

Attendance 11.9.17 – 15.9.17

Attendance 18.9.17 – 22.9.17

Attendance 25.9.17 – 29.9.17

Attendance 2.10.17 – 6.10.17

Attendance 9.10.17 – 13.10.17