Numeracy and Calculation Policy

At Crossley Hall Primary School, calculations are taught using the progression set out in our calculation policy. The policy is broken down into steps which will provide your child with a method of calculation which will be appropriate to their ability. Children will progress to the next step, when they are confident and secure in using and understanding a method. We hope you find the policy useful.

Crossley Hall Numeracy Passport

All children practise counting and mental mathematics on a daily basis.  The Numeracy Passport is a record of your child’s progress and achievement in counting and number facts.  Your child will learn and practise their Passport targets daily through a mixture of counting , and mental mathematics activities and games.

As children learn number facts they will achieve targets and ‘travel’ across the continents of the world.  The targets featured  in each continent are in line with age related expectations.  Most children will be working on the targets appropriate for their Year group.  However, not all children progress at the same rate and some may be working in on the targets in the next or previous continent.

Europe: Reception: Ages  4-5
Asia: Year 1: Ages  5-6
Africa: Year 2: Ages  6-7
Australasia: Year 3: Ages 7-8
North America: Year 4: Ages 8-9
South America: Year 5: Ages 9-10
Globetrotters: Year 6:  Ages 10-11

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Click here to view the Numeracy Passport